Jeremy Baker


Books I’ve read recently.

The Ness Of Brodgar
by Nick Card

by Edward Slingerland

The Adventures of Ibn Battuta
by Ross E. Dunn

by Matthew Green

by Mark Edmonds

by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

by Michael Pitts

Under the Whispering Door
by TJ Klune

If I Was Your Girl
by Meredith Russo

Where We Land
by Tim Jones

In Deeper Waters
by F.T. Lukens

Winter's Orbit
by Everina Maxwell

The Babel Message
by Keith Kahn-Harris

Fortunes of Africa
by Martin Meredith

Powers and Thrones
by Dan Jones

The Bright Ages
by Matthew Gabriele

History of Ukraine-Rus'
by Mykhailo Hrushevsky

The Wolf Age
by Tore Skeie

The Dawn of Everything
by David Graeber

by Christos Tsiolkas

The End of Antiquity
by J. K. Knight

Seven and a Half
by Christos Tsiolkas

Riddle of the Labyrinth
by Margalit Fox

The Decipherment of Linear B
by John Chadwick

The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: The Story of Michael Ventris
by Andrew Robinson

Age of Ash
by Daniel Abraham