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Spring in Wellington #spring #wellington #pōneke #sun #trees

Finished reading: Great Kingdoms of Africa by John Parker 📚

Excellent overview of some of the more prominent kingdoms of Africa from Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia in the northeast, to Ghana, Mali and Songhay in the west, to Kongo and Buganda in the centre, and the Zulu in the south.

Finished reading: Princes of the Renaissance by Mary Hollingsworth 📚

A delightfully crafted history of some of the leading “princes” of Renaissance Italy and their families. Ties together family,politics, war, literature and art in an insightful combination that reveals a great deal about the era. A highly innovative approach to history.

Finished reading: Death in the Sauna by Dennis Altman 📚

Fantastic gay mystery / crime novel by one of the greats. Highly recommended.

Utterly delighted that my niece Eva Louise has been selected as part of the Women’s Under 19 Floorball team to represent NZ at the World Championships in Finland. Amazing achievement Eva - it will be a fantastic experience!

List all NZ U19 Women’s floor all team members including Eva Louise Baker. A photo of a floorball player on the right.

Finished reading: The Fall of Númenor by J. R. R. Tolkien 📚

A new edition of this came out recently and it’s marvellous.

Finished reading: The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz 📚

Finished reading: Beowulf by Seamus Heaney 📚

Seamus Heaney’s brilliant verse translation of the Old English original into modern English is widely regarded as one of the best. It captures the verve and vitality of the original for a modern audience, and has played a significant role in a rebirth in the popularity of the poem - including inspiring new interpretations.

Finished reading: Beowulf: a Translation and Commentary, Together with Sellic Spell by J. R. R. Tolkien 📚

Tolkien’s prose translation of the Old English poem “Beowulf” aims to hew closely to the original sense and details of the poem. In this Tolkien’s scholarly expertise in Old English is evident. But it looses some of the poetic majesty of the original - and of Seamus Heaney’s later verse translation.

Moon sky

Bright moon lit sky with tips of buildings in lower corners. Surreal.

Dinner with Bill at L’Houstalet restaurant, Port Vila, Vanuatu 🇻🇺

Bill enjoying a delicious lobster while I watch on…

I could get used to this … (part 2) #edenontheriver #vanuatu #efate #waterfalls #rivers #rockpools #rainforest

Standing on a lush river bank surrounded by rainforest - wearing a tshirt and sarong

Turquoise waters. Moso Island, Vanuatu 🇻🇺

Literally turquoise water and a beach with white sand and rocky outcrops

Chilling in Vanuatu 🇻🇺 - Moso Island

Sitting on a swing bench surrounded by foliage

I could get used to this …

#amalfiapartments #ellukroad #portvila #vanuatu #swimming #pool

Azure swimming pool surrounded by palms.

Rainbows from Amalfi Apartments, Elluk Road, Port Vila

Rainbow over Port Vila lagoon

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Bill and Jo in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Visited Port Vila market for fresh fruit and vegetable supplies, then Au Bon Marché for deli food.

Bill and Jo in VanuatuBill at Port Vila MarketPort Vila MarketAu Bon Marché shelving

Wet evening, Willis St, Wellington

Rain washed street scape with yellow and red lights from shops, cars and street lights reflecting on the street. People in pink, red and other colours cross the road.

Pōneke sunset sequence from the air

Sunset and clouds from the air - orange blush on the cloudsSunset and clouds from the air - orange and yellow cloudsSunset and clouds from the air - deep orange and bright yellow on the clouds

Bill in Port Vila

Bill and the Vanuatu JudgesRainbow over Port VilaShopping in Port Vila

Finished reading: Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree 📚

Absolutely loved this book. The characters are great and it’s such a gentle, heartwarming story (with enough occasional edge to keep it interesting). And what’s not to like? Retired lesbian Orc mercenary freebooter sets up a coffee house and gathers round her a glorious found family of misfits, including a dire-cat, a genius rat-kin baker, a stone-mason bard who wants to play ‘modern’ music, and also someone to fall in love with? What a story :)

Finished reading: Translation State by Ann Leckie 📚

A surprising and inventive book of science-fiction that explores what it means to be ‘human’ - but metaphorically and literally (within the story). Great characters and a satisfying story and ending.

Current reading 4 Aug 2023

After 4 days of “No Book Purchase August”, I’ve started in on my book stacks in earnest.

This is my current reading pile:

  • “The Princes of the Renaissance” (Mary Hollingsworth) - an excellent overview of some of the key players in the Italian Renaissance, highlighting both their political and artistic endeavours.

  • “A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived” (Adam Rutherford) - a history of humanity told through genetics and DNA, revealing the startling fact that everyone with European ancestry is descended (in some way) from anyone in 10th Century Europe who has descendants.

  • “Legends & Lattes” (Travis Baldree) - a lighthearted queer fantasy romp about retried female orc mercenary staring up a café.

  • “The Life & Death of States” (Natasha Wheatley) - a sweeping analysis of the experiments with sovereignty in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and its successor states in central and eastern Europe.

  • “Beowulf” (trans. Seamus Heaney) - a bi-lingual publication of the Old English epic poem by Irish Poet Seamus Heaney.

  • “Beowulf” (trans. J.R.R. Tolkien) - Tolkien’s translation and commentary on Beowulf. Re-reading both versions in preparation of a couple of anticipated arrivals…

A stack of books in the same order as the text in the post (top to bottom)

My unread book stacks are a little out of control.

Having acknowledged I have a problem, I’m doing “No Book Buying August” ❌📚❌ - wish me luck… 😳😢🤪

Wonderful visit to the Lego Brickman Jurassic Exhibition at Tākina with the grandkids.