Jeremy Baker

Sunset at Port Vila, Vanuatu #nofilter

Deep red sunset over glassy dappled harbour. Island to the left, yacht to the right.

Bill’s farewell party from Vanuatu πŸ‡»πŸ‡Ί at the Waterfront Bar and Grill.

Jeremy and Bill on the Port Vila waterfront with a vivid orange sky sunset in the background

Koala Conservation Reserve walk with Louise.

Gym session with Aiden & Dave Barr.


Finished reading: Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks πŸ“š

The first book on the β€œCulture” Series, now a classic science fiction setting. Explores the Culture largely from the view on an antagonist in the midst of a devastating galactic war. Covers vast and immense scope with finely crafted characters and intense interpersonal relationships and conflict.


Glorious evening light flying out of Wellington to Brisbane and Vanuatu.

#travel #flying #dusk #eveninglight #wellingtonnz #pōneke #brisbane #vanuatu

Finished reading: Hard by the Cloud House by Peter Walker πŸ“š

Interesting mix of natural history, history and mythological investigation.

Finished reading: On Savage Shores by Caroline Dodds Pennock πŸ“š

Finished reading: Blackouts by Justin Torres πŸ“š

Finished reading: Fifth Sun by Camilla Townsend πŸ“š

Finished reading: Annals of Native America by Camilla Townsend πŸ“š

Finished reading: Annals of Native America by Camilla Townsend πŸ“š

Finished reading: Bernardino de Sahagun by Miguel Leon-Portilla πŸ“š

Finished reading: Homer and His Iliad by Robin Lane Fox πŸ“š

Finished reading: The Florentine Codex by Jeanette Favrot Peterson πŸ“š

Finished reading: Prophet Song by Paul Lynch πŸ“š

Finished reading: How the World Made the West by Josephine Quinn πŸ“š

Hōkio figs with Gorgonzola dolce and thyme honey.

Hōkio fresh fig festival

Sand Serif

Hōkio beach weekend antics

Extraordinary birthday dinner at Rita with Bill - briefly in Wellington between Florida and Vanuatu.

Bill is back. Teddy is pleased!

Finished reading: Ancient Cuzco by Brian S. Bauer πŸ“š

Excellent preparation for our trip to Peru in July 2024.