Jeremy Baker

Hōkio fresh fig festival

Sand Serif

Hōkio beach weekend antics

Extraordinary birthday dinner at Rita with Bill - briefly in Wellington between Florida and Vanuatu.

Bill is back. Teddy is pleased!

Finished reading: Ancient Cuzco by Brian S. Bauer 📚

Excellent preparation for our trip to Peru in July 2024.

Finished reading: Why the Bible Began by Jacob L. Wright 📚

Fascinating analysis of the underpinnings of the development of the Hebrew Bible.

Finished reading: Mona of the Manor by Armistead Maupin 📚

Family Easter at Eketāhuna country cottage

Thank you to my wonderful bestie Sam Mackay for helping me to buy my latest bookstack from Unity Books in Wellington:

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover (D.H. Lawrence 1928)
  • Mona of the Manor (Amistead Maupin 2024)
  • A History of Japan in Manga (Shunchiro Kanaya 2022)
  • The Land Wars - the dispossession of the Khoisan and AmaXhosa in the Cape Colony (John Laband 2020)
  • Normal Women- 900 years of making history (Philippa Gregory 2023)

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Ramses exhibition at the Australian Museum

Starting the year out right

New Year 2024 Hunter Valley NSW

Merry Xmas and lots of love 🥰 from all of us at Hōkio beach ! 🎄❤️🎄

Collage of Christmas scenes. Lots of children and gifts.

Final catch up of books I have finished reading: Babel by R. F. Kuang 📚

Finished reading: The Life and Death of States by Natasha Wheatley 📚

Finished reading: The Glass Wall by Max Egremont 📚

Finished reading: A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived by Adam Rutherford 📚

Finished reading: Super-Infinite by Katherine Rundell 📚

Almost the end of the work year. It’s been challenging, but I work with a great team, and that has made all the difference.

Spring in Wellington #spring #wellington #pōneke #sun #trees

Blue sky over a sunny street wtih spring green trees

Finished reading: Great Kingdoms of Africa by John Parker 📚

Excellent overview of some of the more prominent kingdoms of Africa from Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia in the northeast, to Ghana, Mali and Songhay in the west, to Kongo and Buganda in the centre, and the Zulu in the south.

Finished reading: Princes of the Renaissance by Mary Hollingsworth 📚

A delightfully crafted history of some of the leading “princes” of Renaissance Italy and their families. Ties together family,politics, war, literature and art in an insightful combination that reveals a great deal about the era. A highly innovative approach to history.

Finished reading: Death in the Sauna by Dennis Altman 📚

Fantastic gay mystery / crime novel by one of the greats. Highly recommended.

Utterly delighted that my niece Eva Louise has been selected as part of the Women’s Under 19 Floorball team to represent NZ at the World Championships in Finland. Amazing achievement Eva - it will be a fantastic experience!

List all NZ U19 Women’s floor all team members including Eva Louise Baker. A photo of a floorball player on the right.