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2020-11-29: Summer is coming #hokio #summer #olives #trees

2020-11-28: Fresh spring in the city.

2020-11-27: Lambton Quay

2020-11-27: Morning light.

2020-11-27: What to do tonight? It’s a dilemma. #mbnov

2020-11-26: So moody, so good. Thanks Jack, amazing show.

2020-11-26: On the water #spring #calm #water #harbour #wellingtonnz #aotearoa

2020-11-25: I try to call my parents every few days. Today they were busy in garden, caring for yet more …

2020-11-24: Testing Xmas treat options… someone has to do it … #xmas #treats #mincepies #stollen …

2020-11-24: Fully loaded. MacBook Air M1, iPadPro, and Bullet Journal. You got this.

2020-11-24: Eketahuna country cottage roses

2020-11-24: It’s time to start making provision for Xmas 🎄 #mbnov

2020-11-23: NZ is doing its best to capture any cases of COVID–19 at the border #mbnov

2020-11-21: What if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In? Calling out assumes the worst. Calling in involves conversation, compassion and …

2020-11-21: "Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York; And all the clouds …

2020-11-21: Love this landscape in the eastern Wairarapa hills. Fabulous erosion control and use of sub-clover …

2020-11-20: It’s been a long, busy, and very productive week - but my energy levels are starting to fade. Bring …

2020-11-20: Something interesting to read on my first flight ✈️ for ages… LibraryThing Catalog Entry

2020-11-20: Glorious morning on the laneway #wellingtonnz #hannahslaneway #aotearoa #city #streets #spring

2020-11-19: Sunset, Martinborough Hotel A fabulous end to a great day made possible by our wonderful farmer and …

2020-11-19: I have a level of dependence on the new word for Microblogvember being posted before I go to sleep, …

2020-11-18: "The Viking Way: Magic and Mind in the Late Iron Age Scandinavia" Neil Price (Oxbow Books 2013), 2nd Edition, 432 pages, hardback. I have waited for this book for …

2020-11-17: Getting everyone on the same bus / train / waka is hard work, especially when it comes to climate …

2020-11-16: Warm spring afternoon #hokio #garden #spring

2020-11-16: “Landscape and Memory" by Simon Schama made a huge impression on me when it first came out in 1995. …

2020-11-16: Moody #hokio #hokiobeach #water #stream #morningwalk #horowhenua #aotearoanz

2020-11-15: Breakfast at Eketāhuna Country cottage - far from the madding crowds #eke #eketahuna #breakfast …

2020-11-14: Dad in the Eketāhuna Country Cottage garden #garden #family #ekecountrycottage #eketahuna …

2020-11-13: Dinner with a negroni. And Bill. At Havana Bar & Restaurant.

2020-11-13: So far, I am really, really enjoying macOS Big Sur. Installation went well, and my 2017 iMac is …

2020-11-13: It begins…

2020-11-13: I guess I’ll give downloading and installing macOS Big Sur a go… or should I wait a few …

2020-11-12: First pohutukawa flowers are out… summer must be coming…

2020-11-12: Changeable weather indeed. Now dappled sunlight and spring-green trees.

2020-11-12: The weather in Wellington is so changeable in spring, its really hard to know what to wear. #mbnov

2020-11-11: Actually taking the dive and ordering a MacBook Air M1 …

2020-11-11: Our local craft beer bar, Golding’s Free Dive. I’d say it’s one of my favs. #mbnov

2020-11-10: Dinner and a movie with my father, who would barely consider himself elderly #mbnov

2020-11-10: Wet. The drought has broken.

2020-11-09: May the Force be with you #mbnov

2020-11-09: Farewell Alex Trebek - all round great entertainer and Canadian 🇨🇦 - who hosted many shows before he …

2020-11-08: “A country of possibilities”. Welcome back, America.

2020-11-08: The ties that bind us are greater than the forces which seek to pull us apart #mbnov

2020-11-08: Lovely evening

2020-11-07: Bad Diaries, Verb Wellington, LitCrawl - truly wonderful#litcrawl #verbwellington #wellington …

2020-11-07: This book pretty much is everything about me at the moment … #books #sheep #history #life …

2020-11-07: NZ Parliamentary Library

2020-11-07: Parliamentary trees

2020-11-07: I haven’t had to inflate a rugby 🏉 ball in years. But I do remember playing rugby with New Zealand’s …

2020-11-06: It’s puzzling why so many people vote the way they do, all over the world #mbnov

2020-11-05: It seems there is nothing some politicians will not stoop to, in order to retain power… #mbnov

2020-11-04: I’m near to going to bed. What a day. #mbnov

2020-11-03: Mist in the hills

2020-11-03: It never ceases to astonish me how beautiful blossom in spring is #mbnov

2020-11-02: Fresh growth Walk through Central Park, Wellington, Aotearoa NZ.

2020-11-02: Spring in the city When it's like this outside, it's hard to concentrate on work... #mbnov 02

2020-11-02: Community housing, Wellington City Council. Delighted that this has been fully renovated.

2020-11-01: Dia de Los Muertos, Hannah’s Laneway 2020 'Day of the Dead' could be a little deary, but not when …

2020-10-31: Burger Liquor, Wellington Birthday dinner for Toby, with Celine, Loretta and Bill.

2020-10-30: Looking out over the Hawkes Bay / Te Matau-a-Māui from Rissington Station.

2020-10-30: Eketahuna garden

2020-10-30: Visiting Eketahuna Cottage

2020-10-28: Cheap. Government spends $20 million on Covid-19 advertising campaign delivered at ‘breakneck …

2020-10-27: Hokio garden walkthrough

2020-10-26: Hokio spring flowers

2020-10-25: Hokio beach 21C

2020-10-24: Went to see “Baby Done” at the fabulous Lighthouse Cuba Cinema last night: One of the …

2020-10-24: Oriental Bay, Wellington

2020-10-24: Brunch @ Floriditas

2020-10-23: Streetscape at night

2020-10-23: A light shines in…

2020-10-23: Sunny city

2020-10-21: The official completion photos

2020-10-20: Beta version of the new Digital Bodleian is now online: Exciting!

2020-10-18: Francis Hodgkins Exhibition - Adam Art Gallery - until 13 December 2020

2020-10-18: Dixon Street, Wellington

2020-10-17: New chocolate bars! @wellingtonchocolatefactory #chocolate #beantobar #fairtrade #smallbatch …

2020-10-17: NZ Bookshop Day - on Election Day!

2020-10-17: A new book 📚 for the new library 📚 from a new bookshop 📚 #library #books …

2020-10-17: New library layout 📚

2020-10-17: Family time! Brunch with Eva & Ash @brawsnacks @shepherdrestaurant

2020-10-17: It’s Election Day in Aotearoa New Zealand - if you haven’t already - vote!

2020-10-16: Farm open day, Marlborough NZ

2020-10-14: “The Burning of Books - A History of Knowledge Under Attack” 📚 (John Murray 2020) …

2020-10-14: Waterfront walks

2020-10-14: Wellington Harbour, Aotearoa New Zealand 8:45AM UTC/GMT+13 - Wednesday 14 October 2020 Hikitia …

2020-10-11: Ice plants in bloom 🌸

2020-10-11: Hōkio dune views

2020-10-10: Hōkio garden spring clean

2020-10-09: Streets of Wellington. The sun is definitely here.

2020-10-09: Spring in the city

2020-10-05: Fun times :) Meg, Maddy, Freddy & me.

2020-10-04: Aotearoa New Zealand takes voting seriously. These are the voting locations in Wellington City, …

2020-10-03: Celebration dinner after a good days work #cubastreet #wellingtonnz #billhastings #dinner

2020-10-03: The reading room takes shape… #renovations #kitchen #update #upgrade #warehouseapartment …

2020-10-03: Voted. #electionsnz

2020-10-03: Above & Beyond Group Therapy 400 - Live from London Listen: Apple Music | Spotify

2020-10-02: The brownshirts are preparing... The latest Atlantic story about extreme militia groups preparing to contest the US election is …

2020-10-02: Freddie and Maddy at Fix & Fogg Freddie and Maddy visited Fix & Fogg in the Hannah’s Laneway.

2020-10-01: Left Bank Laneway, Wellington

2020-10-01: There’s something wonderful about Shepherd Restaurant

2020-09-30: Belles Hot Chicken - Wellington on a Plate 2020

2020-09-30: The Book of Koli This looks like an interesting book 📚! Looks like another one I’ll need to track down and …

2020-09-30: Work - a history of how we spend out time James Suzman’s new book 📚 “Work - a history of how we spend out time” is a …

2020-09-30: Yes. #wellingtonnz

2020-09-27: Eva and Ash Eva and Ash at Eva's birthday dinner

2020-09-27: Van Gogh Alive Went to see the Van Gogh Alive exhibition for Eva's birthday. Bill, Mum, Eva and Katie

2020-09-25: Just started reading: Alaric the Goth by Douglas Boin 📚 LibraryThing Entry

2020-09-25: Currently reading: Laughing Shall I Die by Tom Shippey 📚 LibraryThing Entry

2020-09-25: Currently reading: The making of the ancient Greek economy by Alain Bresson 📚 LibraryThing …

2020-09-22: So Strava’s subscription is going to treble?!?? Bye bye Strava !!!

2020-09-20: Paul Melser dinner set Delighted at our new dinner set made for us by Paul Melser. Really works fantastically with the new …

2020-09-19: Family photos in the Eketahuna cottage garden Dad, me and Mum Jenni, me and Mum Mum and Jenni Jenni and me

2020-09-19: What a beautiful day! He rangi ātaahua tēnei!  #eke #eketahuna #ekecountrycottage #morena …

2020-09-17: The Children of Ash and Elm (Neil Price 2020) Every now and then a history book comes along that helps you think about the past in entirely new …

2020-09-17: Regency style in a warehouse loft setting An eclectic but aligned mixture of styles sometimes just works...

2020-09-15: Review of Piranesi - a novel by Susanna Clarke This new novel by Susanna Clarke (author of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell), references (in …

2020-09-14: Susanna Clarke's new novel - "Piranesi" Fascinating new book 📚 Only just started reading it and it’s intriguing and …

2020-09-13: First season of lemons at Hokio Hōkio lemons 🍋 - first real good season.

2020-09-12: Wreck of the Hydrabad Exposed elements of the wreck of the Hydrabad Waitarere Beach Maritime Archeaology Association of NZ …

2020-09-12: Bill visits the wreck of the Hydrabad We went for a walk up the Hokio / Waitarere beach in search of the whale burial site, and …

2020-09-12: Snow on the Tararua Range Snow on the mountains, visible from sunny Hōkio Beach

2020-09-12: Sunny Wellington - Cuba Mall Sunny Wellington, Cuba Mall. After several days of wind and rain, it’s delightfully sunny.

2020-09-11: “The Making of the Middle Sea” New book 📚- “The Making of the Middle Sea” A history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the …

2020-09-07: Whale washes up dead on Hokio Beach A large whale washed up dead on Hōkio Beach. Muaūpoko Iwi, as mana whenua, were …

2020-09-05: Winter Pride @ Cardrona Winter Pride @ Cardrona 🏳️‍🌈 ⛷️

2020-09-05: Moonset over Queenstown Up early to head to the slopes, and watch the moonset over the mountains in Queenstown #travel …

2020-09-04: Road Trip during Winter Pride NZ Road trip! Queenstown to Cromwell via Arrowtown 🏳️‍🌈 #winterpridenz

2020-09-04: Arrowtown Library Arrowtown Library 📚 #library #books #heritage #otago #aotearoa #winterpridenz #travel

2020-09-04: First day of Winter Pride 2020 Queenstown looking fabulous. Great to catch up with friends. #winterpridenz …

2020-09-03: It's been a while since I've seen the inside of an airport lounge! Air New Zealand lounge, Wellington Airport, New Zealand. #nofilter

2020-09-03: NZ political folklore “Campaign” is part of NZ political folklore. I remember the 1996 Wellington Central campaign and …

2020-09-03: Now I just need someone to play it with “Lex Arcana” - alternative Roman history RPG

2020-09-01: Stormy morning on Matairangi It was particularly blustery on top of Matairangi this morning... Video: …

2020-09-01: Art under lights #art #renovations #lighting

2020-08-31: Happy with progress

2020-08-31: Eva St Apartment reorganisation continues

2020-07-25: Hokio winter garden Hōkio winter garden

2019-09-07: Morning Queenstown!

2019-09-01: Norman Fucking Rockwell ! Quite stunning. #music #lyrics #obitUSA…

2019-09-01: The Palms #hokio #garden #palms #winter #sun

2019-09-01: Kids & Alpaca's at the beach #sun #beach #kids #animals #hokio #hokiobeach #aotearoa

2019-08-31: Winter in Paradise #hokio #garden #hokiowinter #palms #peaceful

2019-08-31: Glorious sun ☀️ in Aro Valley #sun #aro #wellingtonz #aotearoa

2018-12-01: Dinner with Bill; he took the photo for a change... #wellingtonnz #wellington #dinner #billhastings

2018-11-30: Balmy. #nofilter #wellington #wellingtonnz #wellingtonshines #cubast #tearo

2018-11-30: Living in the city ain’t so bad... #wellington #wellingtonnz #wellingtonshines #evast #hannahslaneway #architecture #design #heritage …

2018-11-24: Serene. Coromandel.

2018-11-24: The glorious Coromandel with Badger 🦡 #views #roadtrip #party #friends #sea #sky

2018-11-23: The Irises are back!!  #hokio #hokiosummer #garden #endless #flowers

2018-11-23: Yet another stunning Hōkio morning! #hokio #hokiosummer #garden #bliss #luckytobealive

2018-11-21: Hokio garden #summer #hokio #hokiosummer

2018-09-23: Wallpaper has arrived! Tiger, tiger...

2018-09-06: DragQueensTown Winterpride 2018 🏳️‍🌈

2018-08-28: Serious progress Good progress on the ensuite shower tiles

2018-08-24: Dinner with the best Dinner with Bill

2018-08-19: Havana Bar, Wellington One of our favourites

2018-08-19: Hokio Beach  #nofilter

2018-08-18: Winter Sun Winter Sun. Hōkio.

2018-08-15: Moonlight dreams (feat. Venus) Above Dixon Street

2018-08-14: Calm waters, Wellington Wellington harbour

2018-08-12: Lake Kohangatera, Pencarrow Heads Great day walk

2018-08-10: Moonrise morning Early morning in Wellington

2018-08-07: Wellington sunrise #winter Early winter’s morning

2018-07-28: Winter fire in the sky Winter fire in the sky, Hōkio

2018-07-24: New tiles, new bathroom  

2018-07-10: Harbour by night Wellington harbour

2018-07-10: Oriental Bay by night A late night walk

2018-06-30: Ash & Eva at Hokio Fabulous time @ Hōkio with these two!

2018-05-27: Glorious morning on the coast Kāpiti Coast

2018-05-26: Outrageous, immoral, unacceptable.  Shame, America, shame. ACLU Report: Detained Immigrant Children Subjected To Widespread Abuse …

2018-05-24: “The Plot Against America” Rereading Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America”. Because he warned America, but …

2018-05-18: SaveTheExpanse This is important #SaveTheExpanse Update: …

2018-05-17: Eketahuna crabapple jelly May 2018. This is delicious - thanks Dad!

2018-04-30: Something special 1980 McWilliams Cabernet Sauvignon 

2018-04-30: Badger with rabbits

2018-04-28: Dear Oliver: Uncovering a Pakeha History I think I’ll go to this: Peter Wells - “Dear Oliver: Uncovering a Pākehā …

2018-04-28: Listening to Scars (Ilan Bluestone) Listening to Scars - Ilan Bluestone. Especially enjoying ‘I Believe’ and ‘Let Me …

2018-04-27: Couldn't help myself . . . New book: Creators, Conquerors, & Citizens LibraryThing Entry

2018-04-26: Splendid morning around Wellington Harbour Out for a run, lots to see.

2018-04-18: Oh I am enjoying this very much Oh I am enjoying this very much … Gin Wigmore: Ivory

2018-04-15: Reading on the bridge. #sundayreading

2018-04-14: Great Forest Run - Alastair, Jeremy & Katie!

2018-04-14: Hokio harvest, Part II Hōkio harvest, Part II

2018-04-14: Great Forest Run Heading to the Great Forest Run with Alastair & Katie

2018-04-14: Off to participate in the Great Forest Run - …

2018-04-10: Birthday dinner Loretta restaurant outdid themselves for my birthday dinner!

2018-04-09: Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved Fascinating:…

2018-04-09: NZ in for 'a wild couple of days' (just like 50 years ago...) Just like 50 years ago… NZ in for a wild couple of days

2018-04-08: Hokio Feijoa Harvest 2018 (Part I) 2018 Hōkio feijoa harvest, part 1. #hokiobounty

2018-04-07: Primordial jungle Primordial jungle, Hōkio.

2018-04-07: Pink fire on the ridge  

2018-03-30: Traditional Easter lamb roast  

2018-03-30: One of those days when you realise you really do live in Godzone . . .  

2018-03-29: Hokio Beach views

2018-03-25: CubaDupa 2018 CubaDupa 2018

2018-02-11: Country run Country run, Hōkio Beach road.

2018-02-10: Still morning, Wellington Still morning, Wellington.

2018-02-04: Dry wall garden Dry wall garden, Lombard Lane, Wellington

2018-01-26: Wellington, still, warm night Wellington, still, warm night.

2018-01-23: A little bit of history . . . An oral history of the world’s first gay rugby match - …

2018-01-21: Kapiti afire Kāpiti afire #summerlight #evening #kapiticoast

2018-01-21: Dinner at Peka Peka Dinner at Peka Peka #longsummer #kapiticoast #relaxing

2018-01-14: Hazey Days @ Rita Hazey Days @ Rita / 89 Aro St is #amazing #delicious #gethere #billhastings

2018-01-14: Smoked Mackerel hash, Hokio styles Smoked Mackerel hash, Hōkio styles #hokiosummer #delicious #healthy #homecooking #comeandgetit

2018-01-13: Laaaaate afternoon bbq in the garden Laaaaate afternoon bbq in the garden #hokiosummer #warmday #relaxing #delicious #badger

2018-01-13: A good book in a great spot A good book in a great spot #hokiosummer #underthetrees #shade #books #relaxation #warmday

2018-01-13: Just a casual Hokio summer lunch Just a casual Hōkio summer lunch #HokioSummer #spoilt #healthy #delicious #badger

2018-01-12: Dinner on the Deck Yet another warm summer evening dinner on the deck @ Hōkio #badger

2018-01-12: No so much… No so much…

2018-01-12: “Rain” @ Hokio Beach “Rain” @ Hōkio Beach

2018-01-11: Amazing summer dinner with great friends Amazing summer dinner with great friends @ Hōkio #HokioSummer #badger

2018-01-11: A little grey, but still hot and hazy A little grey, but still hot and hazy #HokioSummer

2018-01-09: Atlas of Winchester from 350AD to 1800 One of the most amazing things I’ve ever owned - atlas of Winchester from 350AD to 1800. …

2018-01-09: A little light brunch reading A little light brunch reading @ Floriditas

2018-01-07: Lyall Bay surf, Maranui Cafe Lyall Bay surf, Maranui Cafe

2018-01-07: Rushing into the surf, Lyall Bay Rushing into the surf, Lyall Bay #WellingtonShines

2018-01-07: Huge surf at Lyall Bay with Lucas Huge surf at Lyall Bay with Lucas #WellingtonShines

2018-01-06: Eke Cottage Eke Cottage #eketahuna

2018-01-06: Lots of lilies Lots of lilies #Eketahuna

2018-01-05: More post storm sun More post storm sun #HokioSummer

2018-01-05: Storm has blown through, sun is out Storm has blown through, sun is out #HokioSummer

2018-01-04: Rain! (Not much, yet, but it’s wet!) Rain! (Not much, yet, but it’s wet!)

2018-01-04: Storm clouds but no rain yet… Storm clouds but no rain yet…

2018-01-03: Rain in Levin… but not a drop at Hokio… Rain in Levin… but not a drop at Hōkio… #HokioSummer

2018-01-02: Iris Explosion #2 Iris Explosion #2 #HokioSummer

2018-01-01: Pétanque lapin (oryctolagus cuniculus hokionus) Pétanque lapin (oryctolagus cuniculus hōkionus) #HokioSummer

2018-01-01: Hibiscus 🌺 Explosion Hibiscus 🌺 Explosion #HokioSummer

2018-01-01: New Year’s Day Feast New Year’s Day Feast

2018-01-01: Sea 🌊 at Hokio Beach Sea 🌊 at Hokio Beach #HokioSummer

2018-01-01: Enjoying the heat @ Hokio Enjoying the heat @ Hōkio

2018-01-01: Enjoying the heat before heading to the Big Freeze @ NYC! #HokioSummer

2018-01-01: There are probably better ways to start a new year … There are probably better ways to start a new year … but right now, I can’t think of one …

2018-01-01: Hōkio Stream, 1 Kohitātea 2018 #hokiosummer

2018-01-01: Good morning 2018! May this be a year when we #riseup, take the challenge, and bend the arc of …

2017-12-31: “Raining”, apparently #HokioSummer

2017-12-30: Hōkio grill’n

2017-12-30: Silver sun

2017-12-30: Hot sunny afternoon #HokioSummer

2017-12-29: Queen Palm, Hōkio

2017-12-29: Sea Lavender explosion #HokioSummer

2017-12-29: Norfolk Island Hibiscus 🌺 #HokioSummer

2017-12-25: Irises. So many. Hōkio.

2017-12-25: Royal Spoonbill, Hōkio Beach

2017-12-25: Bill’s Xmas Feast #HokioSummer

2017-12-25: Iris madness!

2017-12-25: Xmas Irises, Hōkio

2017-12-25: Royal Spoonbill, Hōkio Beach

2017-12-24: Xmas cooking preparations. Nice work, Bill :)

2017-12-24: Hōkio garden ☀️

2017-12-24: Hōkio sun.

2017-12-23: Tree & Lamp, with sunset

2017-12-23: Merry (Beach) Xmas!

2017-12-23: Swim @ Eketahuna pool

2017-12-23: Quick visit to Eketahuna - garden looking amazing !

2017-12-22: Merry end of the week everyone! :)

2017-12-21: Morning light, Queen palms #HokioSummer

2017-12-17: Aussie nephews at the LEGO exhibition at Te Papa, Wellington

2017-12-16: Wave at the beach #WellingtonShines

2017-12-15: Splashing around in the afternoon #WellingtonShines

2017-12-13: Hallelujah. Thank you Alabama. And especially Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. “We will not …

2017-12-08: Hōkio sunset #HokioSummer

2017-12-08: Melting @ Hokio #HokioSummer

2017-12-04: Sun dappled Forest Pansy (Cercis) #Eketahuna

2017-12-04: Deep in the garden #Eketahuna

2017-12-04: Moonrise over #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Flowers #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Flowers #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Flowers #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Flowers #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Flowers #Eketahuna

2017-12-03: Fresh from the garden! #Eketahuna

2017-11-30: It’s hot our there… #WellingtonShines

2017-11-28: Brilliant warm, windless evening #WellingtonShines

2017-11-28: Morning run, boats.

2017-11-27: Simon LeBon, oh no, hang on… it’s Bill in Vienna, 1998

2017-11-27: 30 years ago…. in Paris

2017-11-27: Blazing sun, waterfront #WellingtonShines

2017-11-26: Preparations for Sunday dinner #lovelocal

2017-11-26: Sam does cleaning #wondersnevercease

2017-11-26: Party scenes 🎉 🎈 🎊 #20Years

2017-11-25: OTT Preparation. #20Years

2017-11-23: Coastal. #WellingtonShines

2017-11-23: Hmmm. There’s something missing? What could it be Sam? (PS, how is work today?) …

2017-11-23: Cloudless. #WellingtonShines

2017-11-23: Splendid morning, Wellington Harbour #WellingtonShines

2017-11-22: My afternoon tea guests. Lyall Bay, Maranui Surf Club #WellingtonShines

2017-11-22: Evans Bay boatyard. #WellingtonShines

2017-11-21: Harbour sight

2017-11-19: Pasture experience - spectacular

2017-11-18: Welcome to the Pleasuredome! 80smusic4eva

2017-11-18: Dinner. Pasture -

2017-11-18: A little art….

2017-11-18: Freddy Flea @ Federal Deli

2017-11-18: Heading away for a surprise weekend to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary - I think Bill is …

2017-11-18: One of my favourite spots in earth…

2017-11-17: Come on in… #WellingtonNZ

2017-11-17: Sea Lavender (Limonium perezii) - Hōkio garden #HokioSummer

2017-11-17: Briar rose 🌸 Hōkio #HokioSummer

2017-11-17: Hōkio garden of delights #HokioSummer

2017-11-16: Wellington Harbour, late afternoon.

2017-11-16: End of the Mugabe Era? As the Mugabe era in Zimbabwe appears to be ending, its worth noting: - Unemployment is above 90 …

2017-11-16: Books! You can never have too many.

2017-11-15:   Marriage Equality comes to Australia.

2017-11-14: 53rd Wedding Anniversary - more than a good innings, Mum & Dad! (Katie, Terry, Jeremy, Jan, …

2017-11-14: Stunning sunny ☀️ Laneway #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-12: Shepherd Restaurant & Pizza Pomodoro, Hannah’s Laneway #LateNightWellington

2017-11-12: Eva St, Hannah’s Laneway #LateNightWellington

2017-11-12: Waterfront walkway, near St Johns #LateNightWellington

2017-11-12: Hōkio Blueberries #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Hi Bill ! 👋 #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Hōkio Sunset 🌅 #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Beach hijinx! #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Inspecting the beach. #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Hōkio Beach, dusk. #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Kāpiti looms #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Next year’s crop already looks promising #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: I never promised you a rose garden… #HokioSummer

2017-11-11: Wellington from Mt Kaukau #WellingtonShines

2017-11-11: South Island from Mt Kaukau

2017-11-09: Wonderful Wellington Waterfront #WellingtonShines

2017-11-09: Welcome to Wellington! #Noordam #WellingtonShines

2017-11-08: How long will this go on? #WellingtonShines

2017-11-06: Matairangi lookout #WellingtonShines

2017-11-06: Wellington evening, Mt Victoria #WellingtonShines

2017-11-05: Wellington Harbour #WellingtonShines

2017-11-05: Lunch at Salty Pidgin, Brooklyn #WellingtonShines []

2017-11-05: Another day in Wellington #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-05: And on into the night! Great party - thanks to everyone for an awesome time …

2017-11-04: The party continues… #DayoftheDead #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-04: Party frivolities! #DayoftheDead #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-04: Pauline, Dave, Fidel & Raewyn #DayoftheDead #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-04: First fabulous guests! #DayoftheDead #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-04: Party Time! #DayoftheDead #HannahsLaneway

2017-11-04: Bucket Fountain, Cuba St #wellington

2017-11-04: Lovely brunch with Badger @ Pickle & Pie

2017-11-04: LitCrawl Wellington’s on next weekend (10–12 November) - get into it! …

2017-11-04: Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras history:

2017-11-04: Love 💕 the camera on my new iPhone X!

2017-11-04: Shiny Happy People!

2017-11-04: Early morning, Hannah’s Laneway

2017-11-03: A really fun night!

2017-11-03: Lovely lunch with Raewyn - looking fabulous!

2017-11-03: Nice, Wellington. Quick rain to water the gardens after 13 days, now clearing up for the weekend!

2017-11-02: Wellington - late lunch on the Bay

2017-11-02: Wellington - A Baker’s Dozen of fabulous days #day13

2017-10-27: Exciting that RNZ is now producing original documentary content like this: …

2017-10-24: Reforming Capitalism You know its not something to be ignored when people like Baroness Shriti Vadera, who is now …

2017-10-24: I think summer has come early to Wellington..

2017-10-19: No matter your political views, tonight NZ has seen political drama of the highest order.

2017-10-14: Alison Moyet - the ‘Other’ tour. Spectacular Show. Great new material and smashing …

2017-10-13: My library / study / workspace … coming together nicely

2017-10-04: Street art - Williamsburg

2017-10-03: Delicious final dinner in NYC. All off home to London, Melbourne & Wellington tomorrow.

2017-10-03: Literary afternoon - Border by Kapka Kassabova with cheeseboard, prosciutto, dried figs etc. at …

2017-10-03: Torch Song 2 hour adaptation of Harvey Fierstein’s 3 play trilogy. At the Tony Kiser Theater: 305 West …

2017-10-03: Dinner @ Sardi’s before Torch Song

2017-10-02: To Be Looked at (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close to, for Almost an Hour. …

2017-10-02: Dylan’s next piece…

2017-10-02: Babe ❤️

2017-10-02: Bright lights, big city…

2017-10-02: It seems that the Spanish government is doing all it can to ensure Catalan independence: …

2017-10-01: “Come from Away”. Cathartic theatre - Newfoundland & NYC.

2017-10-01: Judge overlooking the field… with Judge at Bat!

2017-10-01: At the ball game!

2017-09-30: “A moltsayt on a tsimes iz vi a mayse on a moshl.”

2017-09-30: Russ & Daughters, Orchard St, Lower East Side.

2017-09-30: Russ & Daughters … brilliant brunch… NYC

2017-09-30: Hey Bill! NYC suits ya!

2017-09-30: NYC Street scenes

2017-09-30: Book of Mormon… Amazing, shocking, funny, smart, insightful and deeply, sweet and human.

2017-09-29: Bill tells it like it is….

2017-09-29: Bill & little sister Mary-Anne @ South Street Sea Port, NYC

2017-09-29: Espresso break in Little Italy… Bill, Jeremy, Tony & Mary-Ann

2017-09-29: Pasticceria Ferrara, Espresso since 1892 Bill & Tony’s happy discovery!

2017-09-28: Morning Williamsburg :)

2017-09-27: Hello NYC

2017-09-27: Endless Summer, Sandy Lake, ON.

2017-09-26: Farewell sunset. Pink fire in the water. Sandy Lake, ON.

2017-09-25: Moonrise Kingdom, Sandy Lake, ON.

2017-09-25: Having a terrible time at Sandy Lake, Kawartha Lakes, ON. Send help.

2017-09-18: Thank goodness we are flying out of NZ via Wellington Airport, not Auckland. Perhaps hubbing all …

2017-09-15: I’ve voted, before we head overseas next week. So get out there and do it! …

2017-09-13: Breakfast at the Bay.

2017-09-09: Toasty fire @ Hokio

2017-09-05: I just love that as part of the NZ election cammpaign there is so much discussion of detailed policy …

2017-08-21: My 2007 iMac has sadly had to be retired after 10 good years, but I can now order a 27-inch iMac …

2017-08-20: Fabulous first course at Shepherd Restaurant’s Wellington on a Plate dinner - “The …

2017-08-19: Seashore Cabaret, Petone #Bill #Badger #Brunch

2017-08-18: Egmont St Eatery's Delicious accompaniment to the Egmont St Eatery’s “Filet-O-Cray” Wellington on a …

2017-08-14: Calm before the rain… #wellingtonnz #gretapoint

2017-08-12: A Monster Calls - moving, picturesque and truthful exploration of grief and acceptance - and the …

2017-08-12: Garage Project Baltic (Nitro) Porter @ Golding’s Freedive, #HannahsLaneway

2017-08-12: Burgers & Beers @ Golding’s Freedive, Wellington

2017-08-12: Wonderful Wellington Day

2017-08-10: ParrotDog’s new Lyall Bay brewery. Nice.

2017-08-10: Flying Ducks by Luke Jacomb NZ Glassworks, Whanganui

2017-08-10: NZ Glassworks, Whanganui, NZ

2017-08-08: Len Lye Centre, New Plymouth, New Zealand

2017-08-08: Forgotten World Highway, Central North Island, New Zealand.

2017-08-08: Patea works in its heyday. They were closed in 1982, with the loss of 800 jobs. They were abandoned …

2017-08-08: Patea Freezing Works

2017-08-02: Winter’s evening over Wellington

2017-07-23: Hōkio stream - looking wider & cleaner!

2017-07-22: I endorse this review of Dunkirk:…

2017-07-21: Interesting take on “Baby Driver” - another film I’m keen to see: …

2017-07-21: Excited to be going to see Dunkirk this evening on the big screen at the Embassy… Trailer: …

2017-07-20: We are delighted to host these lightboxes by Debbie Fish ( for a short …

2017-07-19: Wellington from Mt Victoria lookout Wellington from Mt Victoria lookout last night… great walk up, if a little chilly!

2017-07-16: Quiet afternoon in Wellington. Sun’s out, which is nice.