Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker

Kritika's Kitchen

Can’t stop thinking about the wonderful food that Kritika and the team at Shepherd restaurant shared with us last night. Such an incredible delicious and inventive personal take on her own food heritage with the Shepherd twist!


  • Mulligatawny and Keema Bread (lentil, cumin, smoked garlic, kombu)
  • Chaap (fengureek, mint, green chilli, lime)
  • Murg Tikki (capsicum, carrot, tumeric, peanut)
  • Machli (kingfish, coconut, yuzu kosho, citrus, coriander oil)
  • Nihari, Parantha and Pulao (goat, nihari masala, pickles, many other delights!)
  • Rasamalai (saffron, rose, Jaggery, pistachio)

Just wonderful. More of this!

Array of modern indian dishes and a picture of Kritika and the team prepareing the food.Signed menu (as outlined in post)