Jeremy Baker

Aotearoa NZ | Britain compared …

Morning over Hauraki

Rainbow 🌈 Fieldays

Selection of Surrealism.

Te Papa, Wellington.


Exhibition @ Te Papa; with Llewellyn.

Signs of Hannahs Laneway | Eva Street



Wellington Harbour. Winter.

Grandkids visiting Hōkio

Very proud of the mahi (work) my partner has undertaken for the last nine years:… #billhastings

Dad's 80th birthday!

Big family gathering at Eketahuna Country Cottage for dad's 80th birthday.

Dad's Birthday





All the family

Family dinner jazz hands!

NZ Photography Collected

Excellently curated selection of Aotearoa New Zealand photography from some of the earliest nineteenth-century images to contemporary art photography.

Nz photography collected float

"Jeremy + Bill"

"Jeremy + Bill" (Cain, 2021)

Commissioned work. Oliver Cain Studios, "Interpretation" Series.

Absolutely delighted with how this came out. Thanks so much Oliver!

Jeremy Bill Cain 2021

stars start falling

Exhibition of the works of Teuane Tibbo, Ani O'Neill and Salome Tanuvasa at the Govett-Brewster Gallery, Ngāmotu.


stars start falling

Wand Dance

"Wand Dance", Len Lye Foundation / Len Lye (1965, 2018)

A reconstruction of Len Lye's 1965 "Witch Dance", using larger elements from "Bell Wand" (1965). Developed by the Len Lye Foundation with the support of Team Zizz.

there is no before

Exhibition at Govett-Brewster Gallery of the works of Dale Harding (Bidjara, Garingbal and Ghungalu), from the Carnarvon Gorge area of the Central Highlands, Queensland. 

there is no before

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre, New Plymouth / Ngāmotu, Aotearoa.

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Monica's Eatery

Monica's Eatery, New Plymouth / Ngāmotu.

Monica's Eatery

Quietly Disfigured

Quietly Disfigured (2020) Shannon Novak. 

Acrylic, pencil and ink. Puke Ariki, Ngāmotu.

Quietly Disfigured

Ngaa Hau Ngaakau

"Ngā Hau Ngākau" - Exhibition at Puke Ariki, Ngāmotu.

IMG 5763

Winter sun in Wellington

City park, Wellington

Storm morning