Jeremy Baker

I haven’t had to inflate a rugby 🏉 ball in years. But I do remember playing rugby with New Zealand’s new Deputy Prime Minister as part of NZ’s first gay 🌈 rugby team :) #mbnov

Dia de Los Muertos, Hannah’s Laneway 2020

'Day of the Dead' could be a little deary, but not when it's like this... #mbnov


Above & Beyond Group Therapy 400 - Live from London

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Winter Pride @ Cardrona

Winter Pride @ Cardrona 🏳️‍🌈 ⛷️

Moonset over Queenstown

Up early to head to the slopes, and watch the moonset over the mountains in Queenstown #travel #skiing #queenstown #winterpridenz 🏳️‍🌈

Road Trip during Winter Pride NZ

Road trip! Queenstown to Cromwell via Arrowtown 🏳️‍🌈 #winterpridenz

First day of Winter Pride 2020

Queenstown looking fabulous. Great to catch up with friends. #winterpridenz 🏳️‍🌈

NZ political folklore

“Campaign” is part of NZ political folklore.

I remember the 1996 Wellington Central campaign and election vividly. I knew several of the candidates and the film maker from student politics.

A great write up on Spinoff:…

Now I just need someone to play it with

“Lex Arcana” - alternative Roman history RPG

Morning Queenstown!



The glorious Coromandel with Badger 🦡

#views #roadtrip #party #friends #sea #sky


Winterpride 2018 🏳️‍🌈

Hokio Beach


Badger with rabbits

Great Forest Run - Alastair, Jeremy & Katie!

Great Forest Run

Heading to the Great Forest Run with Alastair & Katie

Off to participate in the Great Forest Run - 🏃‍♂️

Birthday dinner

Loretta restaurant outdid themselves for my birthday dinner!

Traditional Easter lamb roast


CubaDupa 2018

CubaDupa 2018

A little bit of history . . .

An oral history of the world’s first gay rugby match -…

Story of the Krazy Knights - New Zealand’s first gay rugby team.

Krazy Knights team

Dean Knight fifth from right in main pic (curly hair, smiling).

Alan Wendt sixth from right in main pic (scowling).

Grant Robertson bottom left in main pic.

Jeremy Baker sixth from left in main pic.

Harp Harding third from right in main pic.

James Kolose second from right in Ponsonby team pic.

Gavin Hyde far left in NZ Falcons team pic.

Dinner at Peka Peka

Dinner at Peka Peka #longsummer #kapiticoast #relaxing

Laaaaate afternoon bbq in the garden

Laaaaate afternoon bbq in the garden #hokiosummer #warmday #relaxing #delicious #badger

Just a casual Hokio summer lunch

Just a casual Hōkio summer lunch #HokioSummer #spoilt #healthy #delicious #badger