Jeremy Baker

Now I just need someone to play it with

“Lex Arcana” - alternative Roman history RPG

Couldn't help myself . . .

New book: Creators, Conquerors, & Citizens

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Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved


A little bit of history . . .

An oral history of the world’s first gay rugby match -…

Story of the Krazy Knights - New Zealand’s first gay rugby team.

Krazy Knights team

Dean Knight fifth from right in main pic (curly hair, smiling).

Alan Wendt sixth from right in main pic (scowling).

Grant Robertson bottom left in main pic.

Jeremy Baker sixth from left in main pic.

Harp Harding third from right in main pic.

James Kolose second from right in Ponsonby team pic.

Gavin Hyde far left in NZ Falcons team pic.

A good book in a great spot

A good book in a great spot #hokiosummer #underthetrees #shade #books #relaxation #warmday

Atlas of Winchester from 350AD to 1800

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever owned - atlas of Winchester from 350AD to 1800.


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Atlas of Winchester Site



Freddy Flea @ Federal Deli

It seems that the Spanish government is doing all it can to ensure Catalan independence:…

“A moltsayt on a tsimes iz vi a mayse on a moshl.”

Toasty fire @ Hokio

Patea works in its heyday. They were closed in 1982, with the loss of 800 jobs. They were abandoned and burned down in 2008.

I endorse this review of Dunkirk:…