Jeremy Baker

A home or place of safety is essential to enable us to venture boldly into the world. #mbnov 🛟🏔️

I never really liked eating fish until a few years ago. Now I prefer it raw. #mbnov

The motivation to get and stay fit has been simple - I want to feel good and relaxed in my body. Looking good is a nice bonus. #mbnov

Getting up early, meditating and excercising regularly aren’t easy things to do - but the commitment required is itself one of the benefits of doing so, I’ve found. #mbnov

My morning ritual involves getting up at 5:30am, meditating, then either the gym or a run. Then shower and breakfast, and review the day ahead. Successfully kept this up for two years now.

I think we all need to work hard to retain our composure in the face of the many challenges and provocations we face. Not because we shouldn’t address those issues - but precisely because a well considered response is essential. #mbnov

I’ve been playing a bunch of Canadian songs on repeat today. I made a playlist for Bill which he seems to like.

Apple Music Playlist

Spotify Playlist

This is so wonderful…

@Miraz - I think I might need to learn how to embed things!!

I never tire of reading books. I could do it all the time :)

#mbnov #books #reading

The ancient art of barrel making, the work of a ‘Cooper’, has always fascinated me. One of many crafts we once relied on, but is now a rare and marginal skill. #mbnov #crafts

I’m very keen to leave the office today and spend more time in the sun.

#Pōneke #raumati #summer #sun #tari #office #mbnov

Since it was pouring with rain again this morning, I had to adjust my excercise schedule; swap out a run for stretching. Probably a good thing. #mbnov

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind;
The thief doth fear each bush an officer. ”

Shakespeare (Henry VI, Part III)


“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.”

Maya Angelou (New York Times, 2013) #mbnov

I have “defederated” (deleted) my cross-posting to Mastodon from Microblog - not because I’m not enjoying Mastodon (especially the paid hosting model at - but because it is becoming clear that, for me, the two spaces will involve quite different types of posts.

In Aotearoa NZ today, a “Minister” is a member of the governing Cabinet, with responsibility for oversight of one or more portfolios and Ministries or Departments. The religious use of the term is very much secondary; nearly half of all Kiwis now profess “no religion”. #mbnov

Achieving consensus in an inclusive and equitable manner is always a challenge; but it is almost always worth the effort in the long run. #mbnov

I’m constantly in awe and admiration of the work of our public health workers in Aotearoa. They saved us from thousands of Covid-related deaths, and they continue to do great work despite resource constraints. Ngā mihi nui / huge thanks to you all! #mbnov #health