Jeremy Baker

Dinner and a movie with my father, who would barely consider himself elderly #mbnov

Went to see “Baby Done” at the fabulous Lighthouse Cuba Cinema last night:

One of the most remarkable things about Baby Done, other than Rose Matafeo’s glorious performance, is that Zoe’s edges aren’t sanded down at all. She’s unashamedly ambitious and stubborn; she suffers no bullshit. She’s the kind of character you can imagine making producers nervous, the kind of person you’d either warm to at a party or walk away from immediately.

She’s totally someone I’d warm to - and the movie is amazing.

How Sophie Henderson got Baby Done done | The Spinoff

A Monster Calls - moving, picturesque and truthful exploration of grief and acceptance - and the power of stories. #NZIFF

I endorse this review of Dunkirk:…

Interesting take on “Baby Driver” - another film I’m keen to see:…

#NZSL #diversity

Excited to be going to see Dunkirk this evening on the big screen at the Embassy… Trailer: