Jeremy Baker

Chilling in Vanuatu 🇻🇺 - Moso Island

Sitting on a swing bench surrounded by foliage

The Diva, The Deity, The Drag Queen … the Divine Miss Polly Filla - exquisite. #diva #deity #divine #drag #pollyfilla

A drag queen in a swirling zebra pattern dress in sultry lighting on stage at S&Ms bar in Wellington A man looks directly at a drag queen who looks directly at us. A study in obsession. Polly and Jeremy

Beach walk, Hōkio #hokio #hokiobeach

Selfie of me on Hōkio beach.

Lazy Sunday afternoon

After a very busy family weekend, it’s nice just to relax and do very little.


Even on the hard days, keep at it.

Early morning gym photo in a mirror with a weight rack in the foreground

Viral 'tripledemic' is keeping many of us sick for weeks at a time

From a Washington Post story today:

As Year 4 of the coronavirus pandemic approaches, Lane and other doctors agree the overlapping viral surges and how they are playing out are unusual and concerning: Patients with back-to-back respiratory illnesses. Simultaneous infection with three or more viruses, or with bacterial infections, such as Strep A. Otherwise healthy people suffering for weeks, rather than days, with simple colds.

This has pretty much been my story this year. It’s a bit of a relief to see it’s not just me. But tragic on a global scale…

Washington Post: “Tripledemic” - Covid, RSV and Flu Surge

First negroni in a long while…

A home or place of safety is essential to enable us to venture boldly into the world. #mbnov 🛟🏔️

I never really liked eating fish until a few years ago. Now I prefer it raw. #mbnov

Long term trends fascinate me; fads don’t. It’s working out which is which that is the problem. #mbnov

The motivation to get and stay fit has been simple - I want to feel good and relaxed in my body. Looking good is a nice bonus. #mbnov

Getting up early, meditating and excercising regularly aren’t easy things to do - but the commitment required is itself one of the benefits of doing so, I’ve found. #mbnov

My morning ritual involves getting up at 5:30am, meditating, then either the gym or a run. Then shower and breakfast, and review the day ahead. Successfully kept this up for two years now.

I think we all need to work hard to retain our composure in the face of the many challenges and provocations we face. Not because we shouldn’t address those issues - but precisely because a well considered response is essential. #mbnov

I had the opportunity yesterday to provide the sector I work in with a comprehensive update of the work we’ve been doing and set out our focus for the next year. I always find these kinds of opportunities very helpful as they help refine and clarify your story. #mbnov

Today is Bill and I's 25th anniversary. It's the anniversary of our first date, on 22 November 1997. We went to see LA Confidential - still such a great movie.

Bill with a negroniLA Confidential movie poster

The fatigue resulting from my second round of Covid has unfortunately meant I have had to put quite a few plans on ice. But things are looking up! Slowly getting my energy back :)

I’m usually reading more than one novel at a time. Ill-disciplined? Or just greedy? #mbnov

I’ve never really understood the appeal of a franchise. I want to do things that I’m passionate about; not follow a predetermined set of models. #mbnov

Since it was pouring with rain again this morning, I had to adjust my excercise schedule; swap out a run for stretching. Probably a good thing. #mbnov

Hōkio garden. Great place for a meditative morning.

Have just finished my first virtual meditative “retreat” with the [Waking Up]( app & program. 6 hours of guided silent meditation; including (thankfully!) segments of walking meditation. I will be interested to see how this echos in days to come.

None of us should be exempt from the maxim “This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any”. #mbnov #shakespeare #modernised

Back to cooking breakfasts; now I have the energy. Bit of a feast really. #mbnov

Finally beginning to feel well again after a bout of the flu; which seems to have layered on top of the after effects of Covid…