Jeremy Baker

Fully loaded. MacBook Air M1, iPadPro, and Bullet Journal. You got this.

I have a level of dependence on the new word for Microblogvember being posted before I go to sleep, but sometimes I miss it! Oh well :) #mbnov

So far, I am really, really enjoying macOS Big Sur. Installation went well, and my 2017 iMac is noticeably faster than it was before the upgrade. And the look and feel of the whole OS is much improved.

It begins…

I guess I’ll give downloading and installing macOS Big Sur a go… or should I wait a few days? Hmm 🤔 #mbnov

Actually taking the dive and ordering a MacBook Air M1 …

So Strava’s subscription is going to treble?!?? Bye bye Strava !!!