Jeremy Baker

Summer is in full bloom in Pōneke.

Pōhutukawa tree in Te Aro park.

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Pōhutukawa tree with dark green leaves and bright red flowers in a small park. Blue sky above.

Apartment renovations story

Today’s Pōneke / Wellington newspaper has a story about the recent renovations to the apartment that my partner and I have lived in for 22 years:

Guests love trying to find the way in to the secret room of this New York loft-style apartment in central Wellington

Many thanks to Kylie Klein-Nixon for the story, and to Andrew & Lynnette Scott (designers & project managers, Design in Residence), Liz Mark (design consultant), Phil Maxey (builder), and Reilly Joinery for making it a reality!

Also thanks to Oliver Cain for the wonderful piece, "Jeremy + Bill", which features in the story.

Wide angle shot of a loft-style apartment with wooden floors and steel beams. A richly patterned rug in the foreground. Two men on a couch, one higher than the other. Art, dining furniture and many designer lights fill the background.

Photo: Monique Ford / Stuff.

First negroni in a long while…

Not a bad day.

view of a marina on sunny day, still blue water, houses on hills behind

Flowers of Te Aro streets

Flowers seen on a walk along Te Aro streets.

Way up high

Various views of Pōneke

Plants and rocks at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. Pōneke.

lush trees and bushes Tī Kouka flowercarved rockcarving on rock

Ivy. Hannah’s Courtyard.

ivy creepying up over a building's windows

Laneways of Wellington

The aluminium window frames of many modern buildings in Aotearoa have terrible thermal efficiency. But I think our heritage cast iron frames are even worse! #mbnov

Loft apartment iron window frames. View of similar apartment block across courtyard.

Reasons to get out of the office in Pōneke today ….

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I’m very keen to leave the office today and spend more time in the sun.

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Captivated and transported by Red Leap’s interpretation of Janet Frame’s “Owls Do Cry” this afternoon. It is now 65 years since the book was published; this performance gave it fresh relevance.

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Programme for theatre performance.

Late night views of an Aro Valley tower block.

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Nighttime view of a modernist tower block. Nighttime view of a modernist tower block.

Since it was pouring with rain again this morning, I had to adjust my excercise schedule; swap out a run for stretching. Probably a good thing. #mbnov

After the rain #wellington #pōneke #water #boats #pier

Boats at the end of a pier on still calm water. Clouds and blue sky in the distance.

Family brunch at Greta Point Café.

(Just before the thunderstorm arrived and rain bucketed down).

(Left to right: Jan, Jenni, Terry, Megan)

#family #brunch

Brunch in cafe

Kritika's Kitchen

Can’t stop thinking about the wonderful food that Kritika and the team at Shepherd restaurant shared with us last night. Such an incredible delicious and inventive personal take on her own food heritage with the Shepherd twist!


  • Mulligatawny and Keema Bread (lentil, cumin, smoked garlic, kombu)
  • Chaap (fengureek, mint, green chilli, lime)
  • Murg Tikki (capsicum, carrot, tumeric, peanut)
  • Machli (kingfish, coconut, yuzu kosho, citrus, coriander oil)
  • Nihari, Parantha and Pulao (goat, nihari masala, pickles, many other delights!)
  • Rasamalai (saffron, rose, Jaggery, pistachio)

Just wonderful. More of this!

Array of modern indian dishes and a picture of Kritika and the team prepareing the food.Signed menu (as outlined in post)

Wonderful meal at Kritika’s Kitchen at Shepherd Restaurant- just the best. #food #feast #pōneke #wellington

I’m pretty certain that this is one of the best days in Pōneke this spring.

#pōneke #wellington #aotearoa #YCBWOAGD #mbnov

Bright blue sky, trees in a park. Beach and boardwalk in sun.

Courtney Place, Pōneke, in fine form.

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Sunny streetscape with heritage buildings, trees, and bollards

Glorious morning on Hannah’s Laneway #AtaMārie #morning #hannahslaneway #evast

Mixed style apartment buildings with multi-level connrcting bridges over a Laneway

Good morning everyone. Great view through the ‘jungle’ out to the Hannah’s Laneway and the blue sky above. #AtaMārie #UrbanGarden

Looking through dark green leaves of a rubber tree to an urdan laneway with a view of the blue sky above.

Mōrena Pōneke. #morning #pōneke #wellington #aotearoa